5 Joburg Coffee Shops for Creative Hustlers

When you’re not blasting away at your desk at home or your office, you need a place that sits in between, not home but not as tense as the office space. So where does one head to get into this here nor there mode of working? Coffee Shops of course! Being a self-proclaimed ‘creative hustler’, I decided to share a couple Coffee joints around Joburg I like to frequent.

Yield Coffee Bar (Linden)

Hiding in plain sight, Yield Coffee Bar is quite possibly one of my most favorite spots to head into and do some work. Mainly being because it’s pretty central being close to Cresta, Parkhurst, and town – and because I haven’t run into anyone I know there (yet.) which means no unnecessary conversations. The cafe’ has a healthy dose of sunlight, the food is fresh and delicious and the benches are notoriously uncomfortable – making sure you remember that you don’t forget that you are there to get your shit done!

Father (Braamfontein/ Rosebank)

I mean, If I was writing about Joburg coffee shops and didn’t include Father I’d be disgracing myself and the rest of the coffee community. Firstly, because the coffee and the selection is freakin’ amazing, you can choose from multiple methods of coffee brewing (Aeropress, Chemex, coldbrew) and because every time you head into the Rosebank branch you’ll see other young driven creatives pounding work away which (I know this is going to sound lame) is a pretty awesome energy to tap into when you’ve got some stuff to do.

Bean There (44 Stanely)

What I specifically like about Bean There is that it contrasts with the rest of the center at 44 Stanely. While other coffee shops and restaurants opt for the airy, ‘garden cafe’ approach, Bean There is situated in the corner of the center, away from the hustle bustle and occasional distractions. You head into Bean There, grab your coffee, and get to work, just like the rest of the people there.

The New York Minute (Sandton Mall)

Honestly, I think The New York Minute could quite possibly be one of my most favorite coffee shops in Sandton. Why? Because it’s small, inexpensive, the coffee is good and there is a space to sit down and work without a waiter expecting you to order a meal. While this may not be that enticing anywhere else; in Sandton mall, you’re only real alternative either a Star bucks (which is grossly overpriced and the coffees are always scolding hot) or a restaurant (and this article isn’t about restaurants). Grab a slice of banana bread, an impressively tasty flat white, and head into some work before you finish off your mall errands.

The Moral Kiosk (Melville)

So far, all the other coffee shops I’ve mentioned are about knuckling down and getting work done, which may not be the right choice if you want to get a little bit of inspiration. The Moral Kiosk is a pretty great alternative coffee shop, as it swops out the ‘businessy’ ethos for a more relaxed lounging experience. Grab a fresh brew of Father Coffee, flip through some books, choose a vinyl or have a friendly conversation with locals popping in and out of the cozy shop. This should detract from the normal routine of sitting down and working straight away.




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