STASH CREW’s provocative new EP, GenderFluidz, celebrates queer identities

STASH CREW, a queer electro rap rave duo from Johannesburg, recently released their new 8-track EP, GenderFluidz, which pushes queer politics, encourages sex positivity and celebrates queer identities.

“The realities of living as a queer person in South Africa are brutal. We are inspired by the transformative and inclusive possibilities of queer culture and how we can counteract the challenges and violence that queer people face on a daily basis. We want more queer positive, sex positive people celebrating themselves and their wants and desires – and dancing every damn day.”

Local musicians, Whyt Lyon and Phaya Fly, have paired cutting-edge lyrics with alluring, psychoneurotic dance beats to produce this provocative new album. To celebrate the release of GenderFluidz, STASH CREW have unveiled the Mad as Hell video, which documents a ‘queer walk’ through Johannesburg. The footage was shot and produced in collaboration with Mykki Blanco, Umlilo & STASH CREW and sees the artists visit key historical queer sites in Johannesburg.



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