Ben Orkin

Ben Orkin, @nebnikro

Name: Neb Nikro
Job: Ceramicist
Category: Art
Location: Cape Town
Instagram: link

Neb Nikro, real name Ben Orkin, makes ceramic art that looks so good, you could almost eat it.

The young sculptor, ceramicist, bead-worker, photographer, and former food blogger is currently studying Fine Art at Cape Town’s Michaelis, but is already establishing a name for himself in the art and design world. Currently most well-known for his ceramic works, the artist takes inspiration from the world around him – architecture, cutlery, rock formations and more – as well as his Jewish upbringing. Having a mother who’s a ceramicist has also helped the young artist a great deal, and he cites watching her work as he grew up as a huge influence on his own understandings of ceramic and sculpture work.

Most recently, he’s had work exhibited in the group show Rain Dance at Cape Town’s Chandler House as well as had a sold-out show at the AKJP Collective which featured a range of ceramic vessels inspired by coral-like forms, rock formations and architectural facades seen around the city.

Although he’s still got a Fine Arts degree to get through, Neb Nikro is an ambitious multimedia talent who’s fast proving himself to be one of Cape Town’s young artists to watch.

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