Coila Enderstein

Name: Coila-Leah Enderstein
Job: Pianist
Category: Music
Location: Cape Town
Instagram: link

Turning young audiences onto classical music isn’t the easiest thing to do. Pianist Coila-Leah Enderstein, however, is a young musician making classical music both exciting and accessible.

Based in Cape Town, the musician enjoys live art practices, instant composition and the performance of newly composed music in addition to traditional classical music texts. Having studied music at UCT, she’s produced her own works as well as collaborated with other artists over the years, having premiered several new South African compositions. In addition to this, Enderstein performs chamber music alongside flautist Sally Minter in their duo Avanti, and enjoys writing, which has led to her working as Co-editor of NewMusicSA Bulletin in 2017.

Beyond taking classical and chamber music to new heights, the musician is also invested in experimentation and collaboration within her craft, and has taken part in theatrical collaborations with choreographer Nicola van Straaten, as well as experimental performance pieces with artist Francois Knoetze and actor Richard September.

Enderstein is an exciting young artist who’s vocalised her investment in contributing to a community of independent, forward-thinking artists and musicians in Cape Town and South Africa. Let’s hope she doesn’t stop anytime soon.

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