Erin Chaplin

Erin Chaplin

Name: Erin Chaplin
Job: Artist
Category: Art
Location: Cape Town
Instagram: link

The medium of oil painting is back in fashion thanks to painters like Erin Chaplin.

Chaplin is a rising star in the art world, with a promising career ahead of her. Chaplin’s works show a keen eye for colour, and a fine knowledge of form and mood. Nature takes a prize place in much of the artist’s work, as well as still-life and portraiture – all styles of painting that she takes to well.

Her first solo show, Outgrowth, at Chandler’s House Voorkamer Gallery showed a maturity and skill that belies the fact she is mainly a self-taught artist with no formal training. More recently, her work has been on exhibit at the same gallery in a group show entitled ‘Rain Dance’.

Oil painting continues to enjoy a contemporary revamp, once again being viewed as an exciting and experimental medium, and it’s largely due to the work of young artists such as Erin Chaplin.

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