Katya Abedian

Name: Katya Abedian
Job: Filmmaker
Category: Moving images
Location: Cape Town
Instagram: link

Making sense of yourself and the world around you in your early 20s is no easy task. For African-Iranian film-director, photographer and writer Katya Abedian, diving head-first into creative work is the way forward.

The South Africa-based artist has already made waves with her debut short film Skin Diver which she wrote, directed, and produced. The short film, which focusses on themes such as individuality, kindness and empowerment in the everyday world, is her directorial debut and has already enjoyed screenings at Cape Town’s Labia Theatre and Joburg’s Bioscope Cinema.

Photography is another great passion of Abedian’s. Shortly after completing Skin Diver, the artist travelled to India where she spent the first few weeks meeting new people and observing her surroundings. Once she picked up her camera, the photographic series The Light That Lives Within was born – a body of work which the artist says advocates the unification and oneness of mankind.

Other projects by the artist include Internet Friends, a photographic series exploring relationships that develop through online encounters, and I still love you when I’m dreaming which investigates the mutuality of gender. Having produced such an immense body of work only a few years out of high school, Abedian is already looking set to take the South African creative industry by storm.

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