Kim Windvogel

Kim Windvogel

Name: Kim Windvogel
Job: Director of Femme Projects
Category: Art
Location: Cape Town
Instagram: link

Cape Town born and bred Kim Windvogel is a poet, United Nations fellow through global LGBTQI organisation Outright International, and director of Freedom of Education Motivates Empowerment (FEMME) projects.

Along with their work in activism, Windvogel also writes poetry that deals with queer love, sex and sexuality. Windvogel released a self-published poetry book called Resist: The Paradox of Love and Other Societal Disorders, in 2017, and has a new anthology coming out this year, called Closet Conversations | a cause for chaos.

Their activism reaches out, and urges South Africans to rethink out-dated, sexist ways of viewing gender, sexuality and menstruation, and is always queer-focussed and based on intersectional approaches to community work and social justice.

Through FEMME, Windvogel also facilitates workshops with girls and women in school – talking, teaching and breaking taboos and stigmas about reproductive health and menstruation.

Image credit: Luca Vincenzo

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