Mr Allofir

Name: Mr Allofit
Job: Musician
Category: Music
Location: Johannesburg
Instagram: link

Mr Allofit, aka Sikelela Nomvete, is an independent South African choreographer, stylist and musician.

As his name states: he does all of it. He has worked professionally in the entertainment industry for 10 years, discovering his strengths and learning how to work simultaneously as a triple threat. Mr Allofit is a Co-Founder of Vintage Dance Cru, Vintage Cru Music Duo as well as The Gabriel’s YouTube lifestyle duo. He has also released two solo mixtapes, namely #LOSINGSUNGLASSES in 2016 and #5TOMAINSTREAM in December last year. In the realm of dance, Mr Allofit has had years of experience as a dancer on Idols SA, Hear Me Move, and more.

Mr Allofit has features from artists such as Moozlie, Khanyi Mbau, Fresh By Caddy, Gyre & most recently- Gigi Lamayne. From turn-up trap to R’n’b chill, Naija inspired Caribbean dance-hall to electrifying pop, Mr Allofit explores the magnitude of genres trending across the country. He stays true to his cheeky, playful and provocative nature and brings his own unique rhythm and flow to a track.

A bold and unapologetic artist, Mr Allofit continues to break new ground in heterosexual spaces, representing the new age wave of queer rap.

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