Rose Bonica

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Job: Visual artist and producer
Category: Music
Location: Cape Town
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Natalie-Rose Perel AKA Rose Bonica is a music producer, live performer, visual artist and label co-runner of Wet Dreams Recordings.Her live performances at the Boiler Room After Party, CTEMF, and Future Frequency Festival, evidently showcase a creative, individualistic aspect that have left lasting impressions on all audiences and was recently among a selection of artists who were chosen to present a sonic contribution in the Infinity Studio program at Kampnagel in Hamburg, in collaboration with Bubblegum Club.

Her first EP, Rosy Disposition, set the foundation for her steadfast music career, what Pulse Radio called “one of the most intriguing bodies of work to have come out of South Africa [in 2017]”.

The producer and vocalists latest 6 track offering, “Don’t Let It Get To Your Head”, was as much an internal conflict to complete as it is a declaration that she won’t back down. There have never been rules in her production, but there is a statement that runs cohesively through each track which draws the listener deep into the chaotic landscape, chews you up and spits you out. This release is meant to make you uncomfortable, to shake up the complacency and remind you that there is a world of music that you’re cheating yourself out of by limiting the pool from which you discover. And if dance music history had taught us anything, it’s that the weird kids end up revolutionizing the game.

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