Seth Pimental

Seth Pimental

Name: Seth Pimentel
Job: Freelance illustrator
Category: Art
Location: Johannesburg
Instagram: link

Seth Pimentel, otherwise known as the African Ginger, is a talented freelance illustrator who’s been making waves in both the illustration and design industry.

Since studying at the National School of Arts in Braamfontein, Pimental’s gone on to make a reputation for himself as an illustrator who’s not afraid to push boundaries in visual work, and always adds depth and meaning to his own work. The illustrator has been sketching, doodling and drawing since the age of six, and after a teacher told him his style was reminiscent of Basquiat, (even though he didn’t know who that was at the time) he realised he was passionate about drawing. Since attending university, he’s majored in illustration and managed to work with some of the biggest brands out there – such as adidas, Converse and Levis.

A lot of his inspiration comes from Braamfontein – with it’s melting pot of innovation and creatives – and interestingly, Russian illustrators, with their dark, strange style. Pimentel uses the fluidity between illustration and fashion to his benefit – working with brands that speak to street style aesthetics and bringing his own fashion influences into the work he designs for companies. Judging by Pimental’s career thus far, we’re certain he’ll continue to make strides in the local creative industry.

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