Siwa Mgoboza

Name: Siwa Mgoboza
Job: Artist
Category: Art
Location: Cape Town
Instagram: link

Siwa Mgoboza is a global African artist who creates work across a wide variety of mediums, all towards an overarching view of ‘Africadia’.

Through the use of materials such as shweshwe, Cape Town-based artist Siwa Mgoboza’s work merges textiles and photography to create vibrant, colourful, and near-overwhelming pieces of collage-work. Born in South Africa but raised in South America and Europe, the artist draws on his experiences as both an ‘insider’ and an ‘outsider’ to assert the idea of a newer, futuristic and liberal Africa. This can be seen in his well-known Africadia series, which explores the history of his clan folk, amaHlubi, whilst envisioning an African future that challenges societal norms.

After the success of his first solo show, If Found Return to Africadia, at Whatiftheworld gallery in 2017, Mgoboza’s shweshwe collage version of Pablo Picasso’s, ‘Les Demoiselles d’Avignon’, was exhibited at the Iziko South African National Gallery, while this year has already seen the artist exhibit his work in both Toronto and New York.

Mgoboza is an exciting addition to the contemporary art scene, and his work sees the merging of fashion, history, photography, and identity to create a final product that looks toward an equally exciting future.

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