Sound of light: A lively chromatic public art installation by r1

Give artist r1 a 1000 CD’s and a deserted farm and he will give you Sound of light in return. The latest public art installation by r1 was created at a deserted farm in Randfontein. The beauty in the artwork really comes to life when it links with the light of the sun, and the multi-coloured donkey grazing on the open landscape, brings a calm and grounded feel to it. The mirrored surface of the CD’s along with the angles in which they have been strategically placed controls the colours you see. So you get an array of rainbow colours being reflected back to you as you move around. The artwork took a day to put together and was removed the next day. Check out the video below to see how this wonderful creation was made.


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Videographer & Edit: Neil Human

Camera: Jonathan Erin Purchase

Assistance: Jesse Christelis

Assistance: Zak Hendrikz

Between 10 and 5