Samuel Napper explores moments of tension and relaxation in ‘The Wait’

Samuel Napper is a London-based photographer who started off working in advertising. After almost a decade working as a producer, Samuel left the advertising industry to pursue a career later – and never looked back.

 The Wait is a photo series which looks at emergency response personal in their down time. Samuel was cycling through London when he came across a few firemen in their down time – “It occurred to me that at face value, it looks like they are having a relatively easy life. But on further analysis, the state of being ‘on call’ might be a semi state of relaxation and anxiety in equal amounts, which I found intriguing.”

Samuel then took the project to Cape Town: after a few months of researching the city – including the water shortages, the extensive tourism industry, the large socio-economic divides and the picturesque setting – the photographer flew in for a month to take the images.

The result is a beautiful series of images which appear to be incredibly simple, but at a closer look the tension and readiness jumps out at the viewer.


Between 10 and 5