Footnotes in the City – A documentary by Mook Lion and Samora Chapman

Brothers, Mook Lion and Samora Chapman, delve into the world of graffiti and street art in Durban, South Africa in their latest documentary, Footnotes in the City.

Mook and Samora engage with some of the local artists who run the underground, while questioning the relevance of the art form in this African metropolis.

Born in Johannesburg, Mook Lion spent most of his life living in Durban and is passionate about making art that is conceptually driven and showcased within the public space. Some of his clients include Blackberry, Verimark, The Winston Pub and Boulevard night club, Crawford College and Port Natal.

Freelancer, Samora Chapman, specialises in writing, photography and visual art, with street culture, fashion, sport, adventure and the environment being some of his many interests.

Watch as these brothers take to the streets of Durban to uncover the people and passion behind the city’s graffiti and street art scene.

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