Umuzi tackles representation with new Umuzi Stock

Umuzi Academy works hard at fixing some of the problems with South Africa’s creative industry: namely, the dearth of young black creatives who cannot afford to go through the traditional channels when looking for employment. Umuzi’s learnership programme helps to equip young people with the necessary skills and training, and to place them in positions that often lead to permanent employment.

Now, Umuzi has taken on another of South Africa’s challenges – the lack of diverse, representational stock images. Umuzi Stock    exists to help counter this.

“South Africa has so many rich stories, the challenge at the moment is that the people living the stories are not given a voice to tell them. We have also been approached by many corporates and advertising agencies  who are desperate for content and images that are more representative of the people that their products serve. As Umuzi, we believe we can challenge the narrative by creating spaces where talented young South Africans can tell their stories. So we built Umuzi Stock: our people, our places, our stories.”

The images feel comfortable and genuine; the settings are recognisable, and the people pictured seem like they could be your friends or family. Check out their website for a wide range of stock photos, and get in touch if you’re looking to collaborate – they’re looking for more young content creators.


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