The Others – What it means to be an African Millennial

When the Fees Must Fall movement changed Pumulo Ngoma‘s perspective on life and who she thought she was, she decided to create The Others, a documentary that focuses on identity, race, gender, class, dreams and what it really means to be a Millennial in South Africa.

This video series gives Millennials from various cultures and backgrounds a voice, allowing them to discuss the different issues that they experience on a daily basis.

“I think that as the youth we’re constantly in flux, we’re constantly trying to discover who we are, to be seen and to be heard. As African creatives we often talk about telling our own stories, because for so long we haven’t seen ourselves as we are in the world. This series is me writing (or filming) myself and Others into existence.”

In the first episode, Pumulo speaks to Shameelah Khan, who shares her experience of always being on the outside in South Africa, touching on topics such as race, gentrification and Cape Coloureds.

Pumulo is a young copywriter and content producer based in Johannesburg who has done work on a variety of film, photographic and editorial projects, including Stay Classy Vilakazi and Parliament. She’s passionate about African development and the African digital renaissance.


Between 10 and 5