Keys Open Doors documentary explores hip hop’s role in defining personal identity

Fred Kayembe, writer, creator and former editor of HYPE magazine, has launched his thinkingoutloud exhibition with his Keys Open Doors documentary, which focuses on hip hop culture’s role in helping to define personal identity in an increasingly post-nationalist world. Keys Open Doors also includes Fred’s personal insights into South Africa’s urban culture that he’s collected over the past 5 years.

thinkingoutloud features a collection of work that includes mediums such as written word, home-documentary, short film, audio and photography, all of which have been curated by Fred Kayembe.

The content will be a collaboration with other artists and feature interesting subjects such as Muzi, Shane Eagle, Mashayabhuqe KaMamba, Shooter Khumz, Astryd Brown and Spaceboy P.

The thinkingoutloud platform will be updated with new content from 9 – 22 July 2018, after which all content will be unavailable. The content will speak to the vast spectrum of human though from a subjective view point.

“The whole thing is a natural culmination of some of the many ideas and subject matter that have frequently occupied my thoughts over last year or so, hence the title. There is no coherence to any of it, I am just exploring. Like everyone else, I process an overwhelming amount of information from every imaginable source I interact with on a daily basis. What tends to happen is, overtime, my brain will start to short circuit from all the incomplete thoughts, much like having too many tabs open on your computer starts to affect its efficiency. This is me attempting to close some of those tabs.”

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