The Steezies Mina music video attacks all that is “normal”

Mina, the latest track from The Steezies EP, Snorting Lines of Turmeric, celebrates individuality and condemns homogeneity, attacking all that is labelled as “normal”.

“Seamlessly blending intriguing styles and influences, this video for ‘Mina’ is a varied and visually delicious smorgasbord exploring the innocence of a child’s imagination alongside other-worldly wonders. The universal tribalism, combined with the insistent rhythmic hooks and the poppy undertones, rivet the listener and the viewer to this latest offering from The Steezies; a playful, intuitive invitation.”

The Steezies, who are known for their unique blend of isiZulu hip hop, funk melodies and Afro beats, wanted to create an album that incorporated a collection of songs that crossed multiple languages, references, sonic landscapes, and attention spans, which resulted in their Snorting Lines of Tumeric EP.

“Snorting Lines of Turmeric is the result of a collision course between raw untrained musical enthusiasm, and the wisdom and know-how of an experienced producer with a deft understanding of multiple musical genres.”


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