VW creates interactive, 4D experience to launch Arteon

To launch the new Areton, Volkswagen SA has collaborated with local artist Bevan de Wet and musician DJ Kent, to create an interactive experience where art, performance and technology meet.

The name Arteon was derived from “art” and Volkswagen’s own suffix “eon,” which is used to signal premium models.

This immersive space takes consumers into a 4D world of art and sound where they can experience both artists’ interpretations of the Arteon’s elegant design, masculine lines and advanced technology.

Award-winning artist, Bevan de Wet, created a space that looks at the world through an ‘Arteon’s Window’.

“The experience of the car viewed from the outside, its shapes, lines and forms; and from the inside, the experience of the world by looking out, with the movement of lights and colours, have inspired the elements of my design.”

Renowned SA musician, DJ Kent, chose to remix one of his most recognised songs, Don’t Let Go, to conceptualise the sound environment.

“The world we’ve created plays with the familiar but pushes it to its boundaries, transporting you to new realms with new possibilities enabled through technology and we wanted the sound to emulate this thought.”

If you would like to experience this dynamic environment yourself, head to Sandton City from 31 July to 5 August.

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