Anthony Smith on new 2Bop Slang lookbook and new way to offer unisex clothing to women

In the new 2Bop Slang lookbook, founder and director of clothing brand 2Bop, Anthony Smith says simplicity and minimalism are the core pillars on which this lookbook is created. The nighties game Snake inspired collection marks the turn of a creative period with the arrival of a  new creative director.

“Slang is our version of Snake, an early game that most people played as it came stock with Nokia phones back in the day.  We loved the minimalism of it and felt it really represented where we were at…The lookbook was an extension of that minimalism, finding the beauty in a simple line.” says Smith.

2Bop clothing is designed for both men and women, however Smith says it’s only recently that the brand has begun to truly encapsulate/embody this in the best way with the arrival of a new female creative director.

“Our creative director kindly enlightened us that you can’t say you are unisex and just expect women to fit men’s cuts, that’s not really unisex. Women want to wear streetwear silhouettes that they can feel comfortable in and that means a truly unisex brand has to take the time to design for that. So Slang is our first collection that properly expresses that, with a version of our basic chino designed to better fit the typical South African female body type.” says Smith.

Photography/direction: The Seppis

Stylist: Ulfah Davids


Between 10 and 5