Umlindelo wamaKholwa: Sabelo Mlangeni’s zionism photography

Umlindelo wamaKholwa which refers to an all-night prayer vigil is photographer, Sabelo Mlangeni’s latest photography exhibition at the Wits Art Museum. 

It explores belonging and identity in one of Southern Africa’s largest religious groups, the Zionist church which is believed to have up to15 million members.

Being a member of the church himself, Mlangeni who graduated from the Market Photo Workshop is privy to the inner-workings of the church which include inclusion and exclusion, separation and subjection, and identification and objectification.

The exhibition, which will continue to run until the end of October 2018 looks at how, during the long nights where church members anticipate the spirit (ancestral or Christian Holy Spirit) – they forge friendships in faith. 

Mlangeni who has had other solo exhibitions in international cities such as New Zealand and Vienna, is collaborating with Dr Joel Cabrita, a historian at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, who’s writing a book on Zionism. 

Between 10 and 5