Lives of Grace – Sanlam’s interactive audio drama marketing campaign

In an effort to promote Sanlam’s My Choice Funeral Plan, King James Digital helped the brand develop an interactive audio drama that uses WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to interact with target audiences.

Each Lives of Grace episode is 1 – 2 minutes long and is delivered as a voice message via the user’s preferred messaging app. Listeners are then asked to help Grace, who is  played by Zola Nombona of Lockdown and Dancing with the Stars, make key decisions, all of which have long-term consequences.

King James recorded over an hour of content to allow for multiple branching story lines that lead to 16 different endings.

This new campaign for Sanlam is a follow-up to the award winning Uk’shona Kwelanga, which was also a WhatsApp drama series.


Between 10 and 5