Retro Retro – something new for for vintage lovers

Zuko Cele is a creative from Pietermaritzburg and the founder of Retro Retro, a platform on Instagram where followers can view and purchase a variety of vintage and thrifted clothes on offer.

Zuko recently took the bold step of adding a digital magazine version of Retro Retro that is sure to be appreciated by lovers of repurposed fashion and anyone with a fondness for quirkiness and the unusual. Not letting the fact that their website is currently under construction stand in his way, Zuko distributed the publication via Whatsapp and on Instagram.

He explains that the magazine took six months to compile and features images and interviews compiled with a collection of his friends, along with other creatives that he  had met through their digital fashion connection. Zuko lists one of the  appeals of Retro Retro Magazine Issue 01 being:

“it is a glimpse of what young creatures can create without funding or handouts.”

Zuko describes the reasons behind creating the new publication as an effort to shake the local creative scene and to engage people with quality content.

The foreword leading in to the editorial opens with a message from the editor paying tribute to the positives to be found in imperfection…

“Along the never-ending pursuit of happiness and fulfillment, it is crucial for us not to lose sight of the imperfect, perfect reality that we live in right now. The polished dreams that we aspire to reach tomorrow should not outshine the beauty of the hardships that we face today because the right now is the best part of our story, so we must be satisfied with each step that we take along the journey.”

Retro Retro’s first issue includes fashion hacks such as “How to wear Ex-Boyfriend Jeans” and styling ideas in witty fashion stories, with reportage and interviews centred around vintage and individuality.

Check out this colourful new creative endeavour here


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