Sounds of Suid Tronica//Volume I

Sounds of Suid Tronica  is an independent record label from South Africa, owned by Matthew Fraser and Alex Coetzee. The label is devoted to showcasing the cross-pollinations between different musical languages. Their first compilation offers an absorbing insight into the label’s tastes and sonic territories. With 15 tracks from a wide range of local and international artists, it aims to open up new worlds of listening knowledge.
The compilation consists of musicians, producers and singers who are avidly contributing to the multi- dimensional musical landscape in a way that consciously develops and invigorates the listener, infusing something that speaks to home, unique sounds are exposed where electronica is juxtaposed alongside soulful yet experimental textures, moving from down tempo to more high energy and Gqom influences.

A unique blend of South African flavor emerges with the dexterity to be experienced in a bedroom or on a dance floor.

Contributing artists include:
Jumping Back Slash, Olmo, César Ralleyguieb, Hlasko, Domenico Benigno, Riccardo Bobby Benigno, Avi Subban, BIG SPACE, Alex van Heerden, Julian Venter, Vox Portent, Thami Ngwenya, Sterra Lucas, Sharon Ehbel, Reuben John, LEEU & Muhammad Bassa

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Between 10 and 5