Layered Long Lines – Exploring Perceptions of Feminine Beauty

Inspired by ancient cultures and their perceptions of feminine beauty, photographer David Motsomotso explored statements of beauty and self-worth from yester-millenia and fused them with a modern “Leave A Mark” aestheic, which was inspired by Imprint ZA‘s design theory.

For decades, civilizations from antiquity would drastically alter their physique in order to appear more attractive and regal to their counterparts and society in general. In the Far East, aristocratic women would fold their feet, while the Aztecs of the Americas and the ancient Egyptians would deform their skulls to an oblique shape in order to instill awe in onlookers. Locally, the Ndebele elongate their necks with necklace rings.

The aim of these physical alterations was to make a statement and help people attain a certain beauty aesthetic. With the layered print fabric and long lines achieved by the model, David was able to create a visual opulence that is efficiently reflective of the era highlighted above.

Model: Osh Zono
Shot and Edited by David Motsomotso
Wardrobe by Imprint Za
Styled and Envisioned by Thobeka Mbane
Art Direction: Bush Mahlathini
Makeup by Tshepi Mosia
Assisted by Wlfred Kekana

Between 10 and 5