Meme&You: What To Expect at Oppikoppi

It’s that time of year again where everyone gets ready to the road to Northam in search of great South African music. We’ve got a few options for you to get ready for Oppikoppi as always, if you’re looking for a survival guide or just some great music to listen to on the way there orc heck out some past artwork from the music festival and Portraits from Oppikoppi.

Either way, Oppikoppi is not for the faint of heart. We’ve done our dues so it’s only fair to warn you of what to expect when you hit the dust, curl up under a thornbush in the cold or stumble your way across some rocks. As far as music festivals go, Oppikoppi is a must on your bucket list.

Our inhouse, self appointed Meme Expert has rounded up some classic memes that we’re sure you’ll find some truth in.

(Image above by Michael Ellis that first appeared on 10and5 here)





Meme&You is a new regular column on 10and5 that takes highlights from culturally relevant events for our audience and gives a humorous look at what’s happening through memes.

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