Lekker slang that you can now use on instagram

To bring South African originality to instagram,graphic designer and illustrator Alicia van Zyl decided to create slang stickers for instagram stories.

For a diverse and inclusive list with a lekker flavour Alicia sourced the help of South Africans for words and terms she can include. The slang terms came rolling in, with many people suggesting what stickers they would like to see on their instagram stories.

The terms, which only South Africans are acquainted with include ekse, jislaaik, hayibo and now now – how many of us say “I’ll be there now now” when we’re running late? All these are a celebration of our language and culture, something Alicia says she enjoyed most about this project.

“I love this project, because it’s allowing me to experiment and play while celebrating my home and it’s people.” says Alicia.


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