My style of photography explores this surreal, almost dreamy space in-between moments – Alessandra Griffin

Photographer Alessandra Griffin has a peculiar philosophy for the way she takes photographs. Her approach is centered around exploring the untapped moments – using what isn’t there to extract what is there.

“I’m really interested in the cross-over between the visible or tangible world and the mind’s subconscious experience of it; so my style of photography explores this surreal, almost dreamy space in-between moments in a fairly cinematic way that hints at a narrative without telling you completely what’s going on,” she explains.   

Alessandra, a graduate of the Cape Town School of Photography, is inspired by film directors whose films she grew up watching. The styles of Xavier Dolan, Wong Kar Wai, David Lynch, Michel Gondry and Robby Muller all had an impact on the way she perceives light, colour, framing. She uses these elements to create a mood. 

She also notes that, while she never has a definitive plan on how she will capture something, she knows to capitilise on the colour of the light by choosing dusk and dawn.

A good playlist and a walk or drive is enough to get her the right image. “You know when you’ve gotten the image; it’s kind of like a form of hunting; you go out looking for that catch and you just know as soon as you’ve gotten it. I only need one of those and I can go home happy,” Alessandra says.

Her ongoing series “Lost in the Front Seat” is a collection of personal images taken in the last couple of years while driving or being driven. She recently, along with performance artists Julia De Rosenwerth and Adrianna Jamise, created a photographic series on a dance piece.

Alessandra is currently traveling between Japan and USA and says she wants to work on more collaborative projects with musicians, dancers, actresses and on films and music videos.


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