LunarFest, a Cape Town networking event that utilises the full moon

Lunar Fest is a new monthly networking event, started by Cape Town-based collective ArtGang, that takes place on the evening of every month’s full moon. The goal is to create a space where creatives of various different media can come together and find common ground.

The event deals with Cape Town-specific issues as well as more general concerns of creatives everywhere. It offers a place for people who work across different disciplines to discuss or collaborate, hopefully leading to a richer tapestry of creativity in the Mother City, while interrogating and negotiating the idea of ‘space and place’ in Cape Town. Ideally, the event should provide a space for participants to be able to create and develop new forms of communication, collaboration, engagement and dialogue among themselves, bridging the gaps between different pursuits.

The space is open to everyone, but encourages that members check themselves and be aware of their privilege when engaging with one another. The space lends itself to a counter-hegemonic discourse.
The next edition of Lunar Fest will happen on the 26th of August.


Between 10 and 5