David ‘Slaying Goliath’ Tshabalala on his unwavering passion for graphic design

Designer and illustrator David ‘Slaying Goliath’ Tshabalala is slaying more than just Goliath! The creative director and co-founder of Suketchi, a creative agency, has recently become very popular in the creative world of graphic design and illustration.

He says his nickname, ‘Slaying Goliath’, speaks to his journey over the years. This young designer says he has had to overcome countless challenges in his career – coming from the Free State where the environment is not conducive to a career in the creative industry. And of course being a person that enjoys wordplay, humor and sarcasm, his nickname is spot on! 

David studied graphic design in Bloemfontein and worked for a newspaper before making the big move to Johannesburg. Working for a newspaper wasn’t particularly exciting for him – especially when coupled with the fact that he didn’t have the chance to showcase his work like he wanted to.

David’s illustrations, which you’ve probably come across on social media, are inspired by the compelling world of pop culture and current events, and center around societal issue – making him what he calls a ‘modern-day Zapiro’. This has earned him much popularity, increasing his social media following – something he says he takes seriously because that is the audience that appreciates his work.

The graphic designer says, while he has worked with a few brands such as Mr Price – where his illustrations and his face were placed on some of the merchandise, he still hopes to work with other brands, especially big sports brands.

In 2015 he made Mail and Guardian’s “200 Young South Africans” list and was part of Design Indaba’s “Emerging Creative of 2013”.

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