Durban Dots By PatternNation

Durban Dots By PatternNation

Travel with us through Durban to Durban Dots, a masterpiece developed by PatternNation, a six-month project by Cydney and Costa, two individuals who live two continents apart.

PatternNation is a visual art platform and clothing label for humans all over the world who embrace color and pattern. This platform has been created in Durban for the last six months.

PatternNation is run by Cydney Eva Pattern (based in Vancouver, Canada) and Costa Besta (based in Durban, South Africa). This platform allowed them to collaborate on a mural in one of Durban’s artist districts, Station Drive.

durban dots

The project is supported by Open Plan Studios and the patterns painted on the mural are based on the shirt collection photographed in Durban Dots.

PatternNation worked with local Durban CMT’s, using locally-sourced fabric for these small run of one-of-a-kind colorful unisex shirts. Cydney and Costa live painted the mural in April during the Durban First Thursday event. The duo invited a group of artist friends, Dylan Smith, Puls and Trent Sukdeo, to contribute to their mural patterns. Durban Dots was photographed and edited by the upcoming, talented photographer Thobani K. It was modeled by Cydney and Costa of PatternNation, joined by Sipho Hurd and Yanga of Tinz Clothing. When asked about the collaborative shoot, his ideas and photographic style, Thobani K said: “My ideas around the shoot were to embody a spirit of fun as the bold colored shirts connoted a happy brand.” The implementation of banana and Zulu sandals was aimed at contextualizing the shoot as a Durban story.

The happy couples and group shots emphasize the love that exists, and a sense of companionship. The models were natural, without emulating poses foreign to their sense of self.

Durban dots

“The music that played on set added a groovy atmosphere that inspired smiles and witty faces,” he said. The coming together of colorful couples, Cydney and Costa with Nipho and Yanga, all part of the Durban PatternNation family, added even more depth and a feeling of community to this editorial shoot.

Final word

As PatternNation set off to Vancouver Canada for July, they wanted to celebrate and honor all of the vibrant humans and creatives they have had the chance to work with while in Durban since January through this shoot. The limited run of Durban Dots’ unisex shirts and necklaces are available through PatternNation and everyone is welcome to come and take photos and hang out at the permanent Durban Dots mural on Station Drive. Keep it colorful!

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