Quitting their job and moving across the country led Mx Blouse to music

Most of us are yet to live by our own rules, most probably because we’re scared or don’t know how to. However, not all hope is lost because we can look at people like musician Mx Blouse to show us exactly how it’s done.

The gender non-comforming recording artist prefers to go by Mx instead of using Miss or Mr. Mx is the appropriate title used by gender non-comforming people.

“I always say that language is developed by society; there will be a language for whatever society accepts, but society kinda doesn’t accept that there are people who are in the middle, who are neither man nor woman,” Mx Blouse explains.

While they rap, Mx Blouse says they don’t consider themselves rappers but rather experimental artists. “I don’t stick to the strict hiphop box,” says Mx Blouse. “I draw influence from a lot of genres and kind of mix that into what I do myself.”

Mx Blouse studied and worked as a journalist for a couple of years and before that dabbled into being a DJ and fashion designer. Among the many jobs as a journalist Blouse worked for eNCA as a writer and current affairs producer, an entertainment journalist at the Sowetan as well as freelanced as a fashion writer.

It took taking a break from the world of journalism and media, and a lot of soul searching, to return to a dream Blouse had as a child – music! 

Mx Blouse is not concerned about fitting the hiphop mould, or fitting anywhere else for that matter. “The hiphop I grew up with was Nas, Lauryn Hill – people who were talking about their experiences…and everyone has their experiences, so whether you share them through the medium of hiphop or any other genre it shouldn’t matter. You’re still telling a story,” Blouse says. “I’m just gonna keep making music and those who want to listen to it, will.” 

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