Bad Paper Gallery's Merchandise from bags to security tape

Bad Paper Provides More Inclusive and Accessible Art

Bad Paper, founded in 2016, creates a space for artists where their work can reach its full potential through publications or specific editions.

Founders, Ben Johnson (book/graphic designer) and Rodan Kane Hart (visual artist), created Bad Paper to provide an alternative to the gallery system by using multiples as a form for the artworks they display. They are interested in the idea of multiple and everything it entails. Working with artworks in multiples in copy as well as at various locations.

a clay artwork of a waster paper bin with a monster can inside the bin and outside of the bin

  Artist: Cameron Platter – Title: Waste Paper Bin – Price: R10,500

The team at Bad Paper is interested in making contemporary art of multi-disciplines more inclusive and accessible through editions. Creating a space that is easier for artists to promote their work and for consumers to find the artworks.

This is done by creating various tangible art pieces from designed objects to sculptures to print and artist books.

three photos of a man in an orange rain suit

Title: Raincoat Man – Artist: Lea Colombo – Price: Sold Out

The Cape Town-based multi-disciplinary edition and publications company collaborates with artists to help solidify their current ideas or to translate their experiences into different modes of expression and thinking.

A prime example of the multiple art forms that Bad Paper works with, is a project dubbed NRNA (Never Read The News Alone) that accompanied Jacob van Schalkwyk’s exhibition, Dolcefarniente, as a live musical performance. The project, created by Jacob van Schalkwyk, Garth Erasmus, Dylan T. Graham, Justin Allart and Jemma Kahn, is a response to the turbulence of the current moment and seeks to find security in community.


The setup for the Never Read The News alone live performance

Setup for the Launch Event


Never read the news alone LP artwork with the title kalahari elergynever read the news alone LP informationNever Read the news alone artworkNever Read The News AloneNever Read the News Alone LP Cover and Vinyl

Never Read The News Alone Vinyl

Lathe Cut White Vinyl, Digitally Printed Cover, Screen-printed PVC Sleeve 32 x 32 x 0,5 cm. Running Time – 29:52 Edition of 20

The Bad Paper team is currently completing a residency in A4 Arts Foundation, and welcome suggestions for collaborations, workshops, future residencies, or anything else. If you want to see more of the editions being created by Bad Paper, and to learn more about their project, visit their website.

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