Photo Series of Durban Beachfront by Rebecca Buxton

Durban-based photographer and graphic designer Rebecca Buxton has released a photo series dubbed Hot days and cool vibes delving into the Durban experience. In this series she explores the culture and vibrancy of Durban culture through a photo series of the city’s beachfront.

a pier going into the ocean from the view of beach with a man walking towards the pier

The warm colouration of the photos speaks to the hot and sunny days that are synonymous to Durban, while the blue element contributes to the idea of the cool vibe of Durban’s culture.

The colouring and focus of the images present a feeling of the Durban experience, reminding one of the carefree summer days spent on this beachfront.

To see more of Rebecca Buxton’s work, visit Behance and Instagram.

a beach towel lying next to a bag on beach sand

the durban beach front promenade

a stand up paddle board next to a life guard buoy on the Durban beach

a lifesaver boat on the Durban beach

The Durban with one of the piers

The Durban beachfront skatepark in front of the skyline


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