Capturing memory – photographer Bianca Buisman’s reportage

Bianca Buisman is a freelance documentary photographer, art director and designer with a passion for music and exploring. As young girl she was obsessed with capturing every little thing as she did not trust her memory. She was convinced that if she didn’t save every moment on film, it would be lost forever.

“Going through waves of this throughout my life, I have always gravitated back to capturing moments I could not pull my eye away from and did not want to forget.” 

How it all started

This lead to her exploring film and developing photos in dark rooms as a teen.This was followed by a beautiful chapter of learning from assisting photographers in South Africa, Paris, Holland and Nigeria in the fashion and beauty industry. However, she began to feel that this genre was lacking some indefinable quality. Over time she realised that her love of photography was connected to capturing moments embedded within her immediate environment.

I am drawn to people in natural environments that hint to a feeling of freedom or a moment fully submerged in No Man’s Land.”

Bianca is dedicated to document her travels. With a particular fondness for music festivals, her next journey sees her and a group of friends heading off to the Lake of Stars Festival at the end of September. This festival is an annual three-day international event held on the shores of Lake Malawi. The festival, which is in its 15th year, attracts over 4,000 people every year, with musical acts drawn mainly from Africa and Europe. This year’s site is located at the foot of Senga Hills, a stunning setting amid a wide expanse of rolling golden sands backed by a lush wooded hillside. The fellow road trippers aim to travel by public transport from Johannesburg to Malawi. They are excited to experience a festival unlike any that they have ever attended before. It will also be Bianca’s first visit to Malawi and she is intrigued by gaining new insights from her encounters and observations of Malawian ways. She naturally intends to document their journey and escapades at the festival and will no doubt provide a vibrant and fascinating glimpse into the overland adventure.

Watch this space for her report back…

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