a pencil illustration of someone in a hoolahoop

Gert Rautenbach Purveys Emotion Through Pencil Sketches

Gert Rautenbach is an Afrikaans blogger and artist who has taken a foray into pencil art. His concept is simple – he creates simple pencil sketches of everyday objects and experiences. This Cape Town-based artist’s simplistic sketches purvey an unimposing emotional experience.

Through the minor colouring combined with simple line sketches, Gert manages to capture core elements of human experience. It is amazing what he is able to achieve through the use of minimal details and tools.

Gert is also well-known for his Afrikaans blog, where he dissects arts and culture – from philosophy to politics to film. His knowledge of the human experience shines through in his creation of the sketches.

We have collated a selection of sketches below. If you want to see more of Rautenbach’s art, visit his profile on Behance.

a drawing of braai


the idea of holding onto love shown through pencil sketches

pencil drawing of a grave

pencil drawing of a three person family

a pencil drawing of bread

a pencil illustration of a mother and baby

a pencil illustration of a father and son

pencil illustration of a female body lying on their back

a pencil illustration of Table Mountain


Between 10 and 5