Side Hustlers: Putting the “us” into hustle for black creatives

Side Hustlers is a new company, launching on the 25th of August. They are positioning themselves as a content hub, providing support for black creatives. Their aims include being a space where content has a dedicated platform and where members can house and publish their work. Also in the pipeline is a blog where “we can sometimes talk about men being trash or what we thought about Inxeba, boma podcasts about melanin queer perspectives and feminist viewpoints, you know, and just things of that nature.”

Side Hustlers is an organization that believes in black content and they want to give their represented creatives an exclusive platform. As they say, “Phela Black Talent is here and we’re not about to sleep on ourselves”.

They believe in the thriving black creative community that is often overlooked as a result of being overshadowed by others who have succeeded by appealing to mainstream interests. Side Hustlers strive to encapsulate Kasi and Maboneng culture via a digital platform, giving users the opportunity to experience urban culture from the comfort of their screens, while promoting the creatives represented by their group.

In a recent press release, the founders of the group explained that they intend to provide an experience similar to that of a social media platform where creatives can post and showcase their work, with writers who blog directly to the site. There will be illustrators, designers, musicians, DJs, producers – and so much more.

“We want to show the mainstream that there is power in the Side Hustler.”

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