the future africa members in traditional clothing in different poses

Future Africa Release Emotional Music Video for Ntombi Endala

Durban-based music group Future Africa was introduced to the world in May of 2018 through the music video presented by Aewon Wolf. The debut single Ntombi Endala tells the story of the close bond between a mother and her child.

The visuals of the music video reflect this bond deeply as it reveals a mother’s care for her son and the great sacrifice of this mother raising children in a hostile world. Aewon Wolf directs this beautiful, yet chilling tale of a mother’s love for her children. The visuals connect with the sound and emotion of the lyrics to provide an emotional experience. The beautiful and tender vocal element to the song furthers the emotion. The music video for Ntombi Endala serves as a great introduction to the group’s sound.

The group is made up of Aewon Wolf, Mnqobi Yazo and Sibu Nzuza on vocals and Siphephelo Bulunga on percussion. It is, however, more than just a music group; Future Africa is seeking to influence modern African culture. They hope to help the youth celebrate the African heritage and identity through creating truly African sounds interpreted in a modern way. Future Africa’s sound has traces of maskandi and mbhaqanga. Their music has been described as an Afro-centric sound with touches of hip hop and pop.

Every member of the group has their own solo careers, making the group a collective rather than just a music group. They have collaborated to make a progressive sound that appreciates African heritage with modern influences.

This is the first of a series of videos from Future Africa following the story after the events of this video. The group’s sound seems to be a sound that will influence the South African music industry in the years to come

To follow Future Africa’s journey and the rest of the story, go to Aewon Wolf on Youtube.

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