Photo series explores how fathers are depicted in Africa

Exploring the way fathers are depicted in Africa, this photo series, Father re-imagines the role of young black men who become fathers. The photo series was taken in Kimberley and portrays how young souls reach out for their fathers, represented by the stars. The images are beautiful, featuring a neutral colour scheme and an eye for composition, while communicating the narrative well.

Accompanying the series is a poem by Edwin Ofentse Molusi:

Fathered Soil

If I, the seed, home the soil, harvest my dreams then your hard work and sweat is the rain that every farmer prays for.

The thought of bright flowers blooming on sunny days reminds me of laughter breaking out in your daily presence. Father, you were never perfect but if cracks in soil were your flaws and dirt on your hands were decomposed for my growth, then your ten fingers were all I needed to pierce through, stem out and stretch my leaves.

We, your daughters and sons, pray that you are blown back by the same breeze you follow every morning.

Though seasons may change and we are left hardened and thirst for moist, may your spirit not break like Autumn leaves.

Though winter comes with dark and cold nights, your roots hold the soil we grew up in.

You are the reflection of where we come from and upon the harvest of fruits that hang on barks, we never forget the roots and soil that brought life to our souls.

Photographer: Bridgem Tshepo Mabogo

Muses: Thabang Masaka and Mbongeni Masinga

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