Proudly South African: A photo series exploring Identity

Proudly South African: an Exploration of Identity is a photographic project which looks at some of the contributing factors to the identity of modern South African youths. The images use symbolism relating to national symbols, the flag, and cultural items, with the colour green as a focal point symbolising fertility.
Describing the influences, creative director Zana says, “The symbolism of the green colour from the flag is similar to the colour of “isrholwane”, which is the headpiece worn by the subject. The dead proteas are a symbol of the past and how the idea and understanding of what it means to be Proudly South African today, is not necessarily the same as what it used to be. The youth of present day South Africa is complex. We are unsatisfied with the ideas imposed on us on who we “should be”.
This project aims to explore the functionality of the “born frees” who are creating themselves anew, telling their own stories.To a certain extend, we are the fertile soil in which we are planting and cultivating ourselves, hence the significance of the colour green.Secondly, it aims to talk about the importance e of tribalism, patriotism and nationalism; and how these particular themes engage with the culture of globalisation.”
Creative direction: Zana Masombuka 
Photographer: John Baloyi
Make up: Boitumelo Mosai

Between 10 and 5