A peak at the 67 logos Designathon

In an effort to build and accelerate the progress of SMEs, Colourworks and Designers Ink collaborated to give 67 SMEs a mini brand identity, a two day business bootcamp training programme, a registered web domain and free web hosting for a total of 67 weeks! All this is valued at R40 000 per company with no cost to the SME.

These business services are essential to the smooth running of business on a day-to-day basis. SMEs were also advised on a holistic approach of running a business. 

In June this year, SMEs each met with a different designer to brainstorm ideas and work together. Their new logos were handed to them on Mandela Day in the spirit of giving back. While this was the launch of the event, it will be an annual event from now on. 

“We believe that the full package we managed to give to the 67 participating SMEs will make a real impact on these small businesses. Too often we rely on government and big corporates to do all the work in supporting SMEs. This initiative sees successful entrepreneurs who have managed to sustain their business giving back – in the spirit of Mandela – to startup SMEs. If all these businesses survive and grow it will translate into hundreds of people being employed and families gaining breadwinners,” said Samantha Gabriel, Group MD of Designers Ink, at the event in Johannesburg.

Take a look at some of the logos from the Designathon.


Botho designs bags with an African focus. Logo Designer: Willem.


Grrrrl Camp is an NGO that offers underprivileged girls from schools around the Cape Flats access to leadership training and inspirational coaching during school holidays. Logo Designer: Marene

Elite Syrups manufactures coffee syrups. Logo Designer: Francois, Colourworks designer

Bright Path Solutions focuses on bookkeeping. Logo Designer: Denton


Angels of Almighty is a small business that creates events for mothers of children with Down’s Syndrome. Logo Designer: Julie



Between 10 and 5