ASICS K.O Fashion Piece

The Asics K.O fashion piece was recently shot in downtown Joburg, telling the story about K.O and welcoming him into the Asics team that was behind the shoot. The shoot was done at an abandoned building in the city. It is a rad fashion / performance piece made up of a small team yet again.
I teamed up with Iconic Agency to create this visual piece to welcome K.O to the Asics Tiger family. Take a look at it here:
I’m a cinematographer based in Cape Town. It was refreshing to get to shoot a piece in Joburg. You always hear of Joburg being a “hustle”. For me the busy nature of the city is partially draining but at the same time it’s optimistic and energising.

The shoot…

We spent a total of three hours to pull off this shoot for them and we also managed an interview in that time as well. We shot with a basic setup of a Red Epic-X on a shoulder rig and manual follow focus, as well as a Panasonic GH5S and Zihuyan Crane 2.
The two cameras cut together extremely well. We had a small team with Director Andrew Kirkby, photographer Tyron Bradley, myself, the Asics client and K.O.
I really love the downtown abandoned building aesthetic and the feel of broken glass and flaking paint on the wall are probably my two favorite shots.
K.O was one of the easiest performers to work with. I’ve worked with many different types of people, and to have him on set with his easy-going nature really took the pressure off of us. What’s more, he drives a dope Jeep.
K.O really embodies Joburg culture. He’s been in the game for years, so to work with him was easy, he knows film production and how it works.

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