Top 5 Instagram Posts from Nigerian Photographer Adeolu Osibodu

We take a look at Adeolu Osibodu’s top Instagram posts. The Nigerian photographer and photo artist has a distinctly African style that seems to reflect his experiences.

Our list is not a definitive claim of the 5 best images from Osibodu but rather five of the best images that reveal the art that he creates. In no particular order, we look at some of Osibodu’s best posts on Instagram.

1) A Well Fermented Image

The first photo on the list is one that, when first viewed, sees a beautiful portrait of his sister. However, according to Osibodu’s caption for the image he hated the image when he first saw it, but then over time he began to appreciate the art he created. We are all better off for him having realised that and posted it.


a portrait of a nigerian man

2) A Love Story in November

With this photo, Osibodu posted a prayer as the caption. Asking that his heart might be that of a boy again. The existentialism of the photo brings across the brilliant mind of the photographer.


a person holding a gold cross on their tongue taken by adeolu asibodu
A love story in November

3) A Picture of The Photographer Himself

In this image, Osibodu posted himself dressed in his grandfather’s attire. For a photo series named “Losing” Amos. IV.  Burial Of An In-Law. July, 1992. It is a beautiful series of images that serve as a celebration of heritage.


Adeolu Osibodu in His late Grandfather's attire

4) Saggios by The Door

Another part of Osibodu’s photo series, Saggios are ComingThis image brings across a creepy experience that is tough to put into words, however, what is clear through the image is Osibodu’s talent as a photo artist.


people holding their heads through a door
Saggios by The Door

5) Golden Portrait of Yemi

This image is near perfection. Osibodu uses various colouring of the individual as well as the surroundings to create an image that pops out at the viewer.


portrait of a man with gold hair and gold jewellery

We have collated a few other images that Osibodu has posted on his Instagram feed:


a photo of a man holding a bible by Adeolu Osibodu


a woman reading in the dark by Adeolu Osibodu

a man lying in grass with his head on his arms

two sets of hands holding each other in prayer


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