This is who you can expect to see at the Endless Daze Festival

The Endless Daze Festival has announced the line-up of artists that will be rocking the stage at this year’s festival, happening from 2 – 4 November 2018 at the Silwerstroom Resort. Artists like the Zambian rock and roll band, We Intend To Cause Hovac (WITCH), The Brother Moves On, Runaway Nuns, Msaki, Julia Roberts, Them Fads and Holy Funk are but a few who will perform.

This festival began as a passion project of five Capetonian friends. It first started in 2012 as Psyche Night, a small-scale music event that soon debuted the Cape Town Inner City Fest. The Endless Daze Festival was launched in 2016.

In an effort to care for the environment, Endless Daze is collaborating with non-profit organisation The Beach Co-op to improve the environmental footprint of the festival. More effort will be put into reducing and managing the amount of waste generated. Festival goers will be invited to clean up.

To celebrate this partnership with Beach Co-op, Endless Daze will have a beach clean-up and pre-party ahead of the festival. There are even prizes to be won for people that take part!

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