Top 5 Instagram Posts from 3D Artist Alexis Christodoulou

Alexis Christodoulou is a Cape Town-based 3D artist who creates one of a kind rendered art. His work focuses on imaginary architecture.

We looked at some of the artist’s best pieces on Instagram and collated a list of five best pieces. The list is in no particular order and is definitively the 5 best pieces from Alexis.

1)  McCracken and the Volcano

This post is the fourth in a series (Olgiati and the Volcano) of images that Alexis did for Gallery Magazine. The volcanic rock around the pillars gives the viewer an outer-world feel.


a rendered image with volcanic rock going around white pillars done by alexis christodoulou

2) Poolside

The only way to describe this image is as a dreamscape pool area. It is ultra-simplistic, yet beautifully detailed.


a rendered fantasy swimming pool with stairs and lounge chairs next to it

3) Pool Canals

This image has a water feature looking like a pool that is reminiscent of the Venetian canals, with water that flows through various shapes and features. Alexis added no caption to the post of this image, and that seems to be one of the best ways to interact with the piece: to simply appreciate it.


A Fantasy Swimming Pool Area by Alexis Christodoulou

4) Level 4 Boss Fight

With this image Christodoulou accomplishes a few things. Firstly, the various lines create an interesting symmetry between the different levels of the parts of the pool. Secondly, the levels each having separate colours present an image that contrasts and complements to create something truly beautiful. Thirdly, the caption of the image, ‘Level 4 Boss Fight’, reveals one of Christodoulou’s influences that being video games that he played growing up.


Stairs in a rendered swimming pool

5) The Dream Bath

If you have ever wondered what the dream bathroom should look like, this is Alexis Christodoulou’s answer and he is spot-on!

Rendered Pink Bathroom

To see more of Christodoulou’s work, follow him on Instagram and visit his website.

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