Local animators making international waves with new David Guetta video

Local animator Sean Braam and founder of Toon 53 Productions, Michael Garth Robertson, have created another animated hit, this time for international DJ, David Guetta.

Their latest video for David Guetta ft Anne-Marie “Don’t Leave Me Alone” reached over 4.2 million views in just 4 days and has been featured on sites such as Rolling Stone Magazine and the Grammy website.

Prior to creating this video, Sean and Michael worked on a video for Marshmello’s “Friends”, which also generated over 250 million views.

After working at an ad agency for several years, Sean realised that he was more interested in content creation, which is when he decided to pursue a course in 3D animation. Entering the industry wasn’t easy and after working for a small production company that specialised in retail adverts, Sean made the decision to head out on his own. Today, he is the creative director at The First Order.

Michael approached Sean to collaborate as an animator, which is how he was able to start creating content for renowned international artists such as David Guetta. Michael has been creating animated work for many years and is well known in the industry. His company, Toon53 Productions, works with a number of big brands, including Juicy J, Rocket Entertainment, Nissan, Warner Music, Disney and FNB to name but a few.

Sean draws his inspiration from anything and everywhere, including movies, TV title sequences and cartoons.

I love cartoons and I’m inspired by how unique their styles can be. It’s like how people form personalities, we are made up of the things we like and add them to ourselves and do the opposite of things we don’t like, inspiration is pretty much the same.

Sean is currently in the early stages of developing an animated series that delves into real-world paranormal phenomena.

I’m super obsessed with all sorts of phenomena happening around the world and just having an insane amount of fun putting these into a cartoon format. The process has been a huge learning curve for all of us involved so far and I can’t wait to see how things unfold moving forward.

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  1. The video looks great. Very creative.