a picture of a maasai man with a hat on

Sarah Waiswa is a Photographer from Uganda Exploring the African Identity

Sarah Waiswa, also known on Instagram as lafrohemien, is a Uganda photographer based in Kenya with an interest in exploring the New African Identity. She aims to highlight various social issues on the African content in a contemporary way.

Her photography is an absolute reflection of this. We had the privilege of looking at 5 of the best photo’s on her Instagram page. While this is some of her best work, it is in no way a definitive list and is in no particular order.

1) A Boy and His Friends

Here a young boy is pictured in a doorway with two ginger cats. There is depth to this photo, and it is the colouring that reveals Waiswa’s fantastic eye. She spots the moment where two cats have the same colouring as the boy in the doorway’s outfit. The matching colours further illustrate the caption that was used with the photo, a boy and his friends.

photo of a boy in a door way with two ginger cats in front of him

2) When Slaying is a Lifestyle

With the caption, “When slaying is a lifestyle”, Waiswa reveals her sense of humour while posting a fantastic portrait in the Kenyan sunset.

Portrait of a Woman in Kenya by Sarah WaiswaPortrait of a Woman in the Kenyan sunset by Sarah Waiswa

3) Why The Maasai Wear Red

In this post, Waiswa, tells a story of a fact that she recently read, that being why the maasai wear red. An incredibly interesting fact but the photo perfectly captures an image of a modern maasai that, while embracing the modern world, holds on to tradition.

a picture of a maasai man with a hat on

4) Purple Haze

This portrait seems to have a hint of afrofuturism. Waiswa takes an entrenching portrait with the focus being placed solely on the model.

an african man dressed in all purple

5) Corps De Garde

In the caption for this photo Waiswa explains the white and green colouring of the child’s uniform and why he is not wearing any shoes. This photo says a variety of things about the African continent. With that being said the photo does speak for itself.

A Child Guard Sitting on a Bench

To see more from Sarah Waiswa visit her website and take a look at her Instagram profile.

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