Watch: Mullets bringing fun to life

Two men who look like they’ve given up on life are talking about insurance and turn on their side profiles, suddenly revealing oddly cheerful mullets that are supposedly bringing fun into their lives. Yes, you read correctly, the mullets are alive – these two ads that launched on television and digital platforms are selling life insurance that “rewards the living”.

You’ve seen countless ads telling you about life insurance and it’s benefits but they probably didn’t have mullets ready to throw a party. While this may be unbelievably cool and funny to some, it’s probably gonna be freakishly creepy and uncomfortable for others.

The campaign comes from the thinking that “You get to deal with the business upfront and purchase life insurance in case you go toes up, but you’re still able to have a party at the back if you don’t. It’s responsible, yet selfish, all at the same time.”

It was conceptualised and brought to life by the award-winning FoxP2 creative duo Michael Lees-Rolfe and Mimi Cooper.

“We were fortunate enough to work with a brand team who really understood the creative process, as well as a talented comedy director (Pete Pohorsky) who managed to bring the idea to life in a delightful, and slightly creepy way,” says writer Mimi Cooper.

“Life insurance should be more about life, so we’ve reinvented it and designed a product that invests in you for investing in yourself. Indie gives you world-class cover PLUS an investment that generates wealth for your future,” says Indie CEO, Peter Castleden.

“Millennial consumers, who we’re primarily targeting, are less worried about traditional wisdom and what they should have, and more concerned with understanding exactly how a commitment like life insurance or a funeral plan contributes to their bigger life and community goals,” explains Indie CMO Matt Riley.

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