Broken Monolith by Ferdi B Dick

Broken Monolith is artist Ferdi B Dick‘s latest work, symbolic of a turning point from character-driven sculptures to furniture. Although marking a change, Broken Monolith still keeps with themes the artist likes to explore – water and fluidity.

His sculpture series I Don’t Believe in Unicorns depicted cartoon-like creatures in emotional distraught. “I repackage these emotions in a more palatable guise, using humour to remove the sting and make them more digestible,” the artist says.

“This opens a narrative where the viewer might wonder what had happened to cause so much distress to these sweet characters. The artwork, however is much more about moving through uncomfortable emotions and situations than trying to resolve the cause or dictating the outcome for these characters.”

Ferdi’s bronze sculptures are a way of dealing with the tense burden resulting from suppressed emotion. One of many things we learn as we get older is to get in line with society’s regulation of emotions in public. The sight of someone crying in public is something that most people are not comfortable with. Most people wouldn’t choose to cry in public. We all prefer to hide and deal with our emotions privately.




Between 10 and 5