Favourites from AVA digital agency’s recent projects

AVA are a boutique digital agency who strive to connect brands to their fans through film, animation, motion graphics & designs. The folk making up this Cape Town-based team believe in the importance of staying true to their creative selves. Their work is also their passion and this, along with their love of collaboration and combined skills, is what they list as one of their ‘secret powers’.

Tyron Kuypers heads up the AVA agency. He shared with us some of his favourite recent projects and behind-the-scenes perspectives on their work and values.


“Instead of showing clients what we have made for others, we like to show them our edge and the type of content we would like to be creating in the hopes that we speak to their creative bones. With this is mind we came up with our Manifesto – which might be considered as a show reel but is actually more of a film that speaks our language and tone. It’s all about who we are and gives insight into our personality as a brand and collective. The purpose behind it is for others to understand who we are and what we do without us ever meeting. Essentially, I would hope that it speaks to the right people, inviting them to reach out and speak to us. Not just clients, but other creatives. We would be nothing without the input of these people, so our culture is very much built on this and we embrace working & collaborating with others”.




This project was one of the most ‘rock ‘n roll’ shoots we’ve handled to date. Literally. We got a call from UK chart-sensation Kelli-Leigh’s manager saying she wanted us to produce and direct her up and coming single ‘Can’t Dance’. As soon as the deal was made Kelli-Leigh and her crew were on their way to Cape Town and were on set within a couple of hours of arriving. We had two days where we worked our butts off, ensuring we nailed every shot. As soon as I called it ‘a wrap’ the whole gang were on their way back to the airport to return to the UK to start touring.

Call it what you want, but we think that’s rather bad-ass.




This project was designed in a similar vein to our manifesto. The directors at the Cape Town Electronic Music Festival asked us to come up with a new approach to promoting this year’s event. The idea was to keep everything digital, so we took elements from the festival and created an alien landscape where the main aesthetics were line and projected light. Once we got the ball rolling we found it hard to stop creating these weird yet wonderful places.

Petal and Post


When we launched our design offering we were asked by the clever ladies over at Petal and Post to create their very first online shop. It’s not a new project but it’s one of our favourites. .


Russell Abrahams


About twice a year we team up with local artists and work on creating new artwork for AVA’s social media. Our latest project was working with Russell Abrahams (Yay Abe) where he created artwork for our social pages.


We also worked on a co-lab for a new clothing range (this is a relatively new avenue we’re exploring). The picture below is of Russell repping one of the T’s created by our in-house designer.


AVA was born in Woodstock back in September 2012 and has grown from a company that first started specialising in documenting events (I swear I won’t shoot another trance party again!) to a full digital, below-the-line agency.

“Music is our backbone, culture is our medium and good old-fashioned family values are our ethos. God bless South Africa.”



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